This Romantic Pastel Rose Nail Art Is The New Trend Every Girl Is Following

Nail art is surely an amazing art, and there’s no one out there who won’t love it because it makes your nails appear to be so beautiful and pretty! But at the same time when you look at the nail art, it seems like it is more difficult than even rocket science because the little details that you have to take care of just blow you away.

rose nail art

But ladies, not these nail art that you see on your screen right now because it is just so simple to do and yet the outcome of it is so perfect! It may look tough but hold your horse’s girls because this is going to be the easiest thing you will see today! Firstly do all the usual things, paint your nail with a base coat and then apply pastel green and white nail polish.

romantic nail art

Juts make a plan that on which nail you would want the nail art because you are going to apply white color on that nail! Anyway, after that you are done with the deciding part, take an aluminum foil and put a drop of red nail color on it! Less is more girly, don’t go crazy over it.

easy nail art

Take a toothpick and then dip it into the drop of red nail color! The life of this nail art is that you have to be patient with it! Don’t rush because you know how nail colors react when you give them a signal that you are in a rush! So always make sure that you are in your most patient phase and take the nail color with the toothpick.

easy nail art ideas

Start by making a rose on the lower corner of your nail! I can understand if you aren’t an artist and believe me; you don’t even have to be because drawing little lines around a dot will do the job for you! Just be careful that you have a strong grip, so you don’t mess things.

nail art rose

You don’t have to make a rose larger than life because that’ll be the last thing we want when it comes to nail art! Make the rose small so that if you even make some error it doesn’t show up! Now exchange the color with light pink and start doing the same thing.

tricks for nail art

You will put pink nail color lines all around the red rose and eventually when you see that you are done with it, you go for putting the color in between the dark lines! Yep, you will fill all the spaces which are there between the red lines! And after all this time you didn’t know what was happening, when you will do this trick, it will all fall into place.

rose on nail art

Now after the beautiful rose has been made! Take a dot of green nail color which you have used for painting your nails too! Take a very little amount of color so that you can build it later! Now you don’t have to make those beautiful leaves but just go easy on it make a shape of a leaf and fill it with the green color only.

cute nail art

And after completing the leaves making you will be relieved that the hard part is over now, and we are heading to the fun part! Take a dotting tool and start to make white dots on the nail which you have painted with pastel green color! Make sure that you aren’t making the dots bigger and just be careful with the shape.

easy and quick nail art

Now take your thumb which you have painted white and do the same thing over there too but obviously with the different color and that is going to be pink! With these colors, you will be able to contrast all the colors with each other without making them look out of the place.

pretty nail art trends

Now come to the finishing part! Wait for at least 5-15 minutes for your nail color to dry because you have done a pretty good job till here and now you don’t want to spoil it! Apply overcoat so that the color is protected but only after you have made sure that the nail color is dried.

DIY nail art

When you start the nail art, you won’t have any idea, but once it is done, it will be one of the most beautiful things you have made! And now is the time for you to go out on a lunch date with your girlies and make them all jealous by your art.

vintage nail art

Check out the complete video of this beautiful yet simple rose nail art! It is just too simple and easy for you to do, so chill out and hey don’t forget to SHARE it with everyone so they can have YOUR perfect look.