Saltine Ice Cream Sandwich Is Going To Be Your New Best Summer Dessert

I can understand that it seems like the entire idea of the saltine crackers ice cream sandwich is crazy but believe me when you see the final product you couldn’t stop yourself making it! I mean who doesn’t like a thick creamy vanilla ice cream and chocolate layers in between of a sandwich, and when it comes to desert modifications, it never makes you fail! (only the good ones)

aluminium foil

So take a large container, preferably a glass one because baking is also a part of it, and cover the entire container with aluminum foil! After you have covered it take some spray oil or if you don’t have spray oil just take any oil and apply it on the aluminum foil to make a smooth surface so that the crackers wouldn’t get stuck on them!

oil spray

And now take a pack of saltine crackers and spread it all over the aluminum foil! You would need a sleeve of Saltines per quart of ice cream to account for breakage. The Saltines will give you the perfect crunch in the ice cream sandwich! It is going to be a perfect blend of deliciousness and crunchiness! Put at least 28 crackers out from the sleeve and ensure that they aren’t broken!

saltine crackers

Now take 8-10 cubes of butter and place it in the pan to melt! Well, most of you who do baking will know the idea behind the butter because no baking can be completed without it! Put the stove on a medium heat and wait for the butter to melt!

melted butter

After you have melted the butter, completely add some brown sugar to it! Use at least half small bowl of brown sugar and stir well on a medium heat! Before you switch off, the stove make sure that there is a nice paste formed out of the butter and brown sugar!

brown sugar

Spread out the thick mixture on the container having the saltine biscuits in it! Now repeat the same procedure again and ensure that the mixture is spread evenly! After you are done with this part, bake it at 350 F or 175 C for about 10-15 minutes.

saltine crackers icecream sandwich

Take some melted chocolate chips and sprinkle them all over the container! After you have sprinkled them, take a small knife and start to spread it all over so that it is in a thick layer of chocolate all over the saltine crackers! After you are done, there will be a thick chocolate paste on the baked saltine crackers which BTW will be hard to resist!

chocolate chips

Now take some sliced almonds and sprinkle them all over the chocolate layer! Take a generous amount because you don’t want your saltine ice cream sandwiches without the almonds! Freeze both of the layers for 15-30 minutes! This will help in settling all the right things at the right place!

ice cream sandwich

Take out both of the frozen layers and then invert the bottom layer in a container! Put at least 8-10 ice cream scoops on that layers and start to spread it all over! Make sure that you have chosen vanilla ice cream because that will make the saltine crackers extremely delicious in taste as compared to any other flavor!

ice cream scoops

After you have spread the ice cream on the bottom layer, take the layer on which we have put chocolate and almonds! Now place that layer on the top and you are done for the day! All you have to do now is to cut the big sandwich into small ones, and you can enjoy them the entire day!

homemade ice cream sandwich

Here is the complete video embedding where you can easily learn how to make these delicious saltine ice cream sandwich and that too without any hassle! I know you’re learning it quickly but please help others by SHARING it with them.