Photos Reveals Before VS After Effects Of Photoshop On Hollywood Celebs

Editing pictures are nothing new! It has been long in the game whereas the magazines and the photo-shoots! But we all know that photoshop has been a game changer in altering the pictures! With photoshop you can make bad pictures look good but with a natural hint, making it look perfect! And now people every picture of your favorite celebrity that you see is photoshopped!

actresses photoshop

This picture of before and after the photoshop of Lady Gaga shows that we can do wonders with the photo editing tool! Now the before picture of the singer looks so weary and dull, but after some editing the picture, it looks like Lady Gaga has just been out of the paradise! Her contour is on point, her skin is glowing in the most natural way!

lady gaga photoshop magazine

Now we can certainly say that the editor didn’t have to do much about Kim Kardashian picture! These two pictures look almost the same! However, we can say that Kim has got a lot more tanning that the photograph required and thus there is a little dose of color that is changed in the edited picture!

kim kardashian photoshop pictures

Omg! Guys have you ever seen Britney without her pictures being edited? Well, she looks like she is aging and now it can be seen on her face! Her skin looks worn out, and her eyes are so dull! She seems like someone has been up from a hangover and now they can’t get a coffee!

britney spears magazine cover photoshop

This doesn’t surprise us because we all have the best idea that what Lindsay has done to herself! She has completely wrecked herself and her career! But in the edited picture, it seems like she is the same one that we got to see in Mean Girls! Her skin has received some major touch-ups!

lindsay lohan photoshop

Madonna looks like she is a zombie from some movie because of her looks, I don’t why, but she looks so worn out! I mean we all know Madonna is growing old, and she has some other issues too, but this picture has shocked me! And you can see the illusion of the edited picture which makes her look like she’s still the same!

madonna photoshop

Now Angelina is the beauty queen, and you can very well see that she didn’t need any features enhanced or extra brightness for her pictures to get edited! But yeah she did some touchups on her skin and come on, we all have some flaws on our skin too no matter how young we are!

angelina jolie photoshop

Same is for Katy Perry! But yes I got to admit that I was shocked to see her picture without editing because her skin doesn’t look good at all! It has patches, blemishes and even some acne here and there! But after doing some retouches on her skin, she looks the same! I think we all can ignore the skin flaws!

katy perry pictures photoshop

Woah! Now Beyoncé picture has certainly received some major editing! She looks very dull in the picture before and to be very honest I don’t even like her makeup, but after getting the picture photoshopped you can see that the makeup isn’t looking that bad right! All of the contour and the blush has fallen in the right place now!

beyonce before and after photoshop

I don’t even understand where do I start for Cindy Crawford! I mean just look at her edited pictures! The photoshop has completely changed her! You know it is ironic when in today’s world we tell everybody to be themselves and then we have these plastic surgeries and the editing which would make you a completely different person!

magazine covers photoshop

It can be seen very clearly that Justin Bieber’s body has received some major Photoshop editing! In his before picture he looks like a boy who has just started to work out but in the right picture his body is so toned!

justin bieber photoshop underwear

It is clearly seen that Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t require much of editing! Her skin still glows, and her hair was perfect too! If you focus, you can see that only her jawline has been defined and that is it! She is just picture perfect already!

photoshop before and after magazine covers