Hilariously Recreated Celebrity Instagram Photos

Celebrity pictures are always amazing, no matter how insane they act in those photographs because after all, they are the stars so whatever they do is going to be loved by the fans. But have you ever thought that how would an average person look while replicating those photographs? If not, then have a look at some of the pictures of Celeste Barber who has been doing it. For example, most of the Bieber fans must have found this picture quite $exy because of his pose and the expression, but when Celeste does the same thing, she looks funny instead, isn’t it?

Celeste Barber recreates Justin Beiber's photo


Kim Kardashian has a lot of fans who make sure that they catch a glimpse of all her photographs because how can they miss a hot b00ty after all? No matter even if she is in a pile of dirt and this picture gave Celeste another idea, so she tried recreating it. We don’t know if she did it to make us all laugh or idealizes Kim but whatever the case is, she looks hilarious!

Celeste Barber recreates Kim Kardashian's photo


With that amazingly toned body, Gisele looks amazing in that sea, wearing a b*kini and flicking her hair but when Celeste does the same, it seems like she is not enjoying it much. And look at that expression, rather than having that $eductive expression, her face looks like she is trying to stop water from getting into her eyes.

Celeste Barber recreates Gisele's photo


Selena Williams has a great body and the way she has stretched her legs; it looks like her body is very flexible too but when you look at the image below the picture of Selena, you will probably get an impression as if there is something wrong with the lady’s leg. However, the truth is that like most of us, Celeste cannot fully stretch her legs which make her picture look hilarious.

Celeste Barber recreates Selena William's photo


Look at Kim’s expression in her picture; $exy isn’t it? But when you look at Celeste’s photograph in the same pose you will feel as if she will throw up in the guy’s mouth, at least that’s what her expression tells us. We are sure that she did this on purpose because no woman would have that expression during such an intense moment.

Celeste Barber recreates Kim kardashian and Kayne West's photo


Rihanna probably thought that she looks hot in that pose while shaving her under arms and some of her fans might also share the same opinion, but we believe that Celeste looks even better because at least you would have a good laugh after looking at her photograph.

Celeste Barber recreates Rihanna's photo


Kylie is wearing that attire to show the world how $exy her body is and, to be honest; it does look amazing with all the curves, but we are wondering that what was Celeste thinking while posing for this picture? She has even tried to keep her hands in the same position as Kylie which makes the picture look even funnier!

Celeste Barber recreates Kylie Jenner's photo


The lady on the left looks beautiful in the white dress and the perfect makeup with her hair made up like that, but Celeste’s Barber took it to a whole new level by giving the expression as if she is snoring and the way she has put up her hair is hilarious. Nobody would have expected such a beautiful picture turning into something like that. This lady has got some real creative skills.

Celeste Barber recreates photographs


Kylie Jenner’s lips are quite famous, but some people joke about them because they are a result of surgeries and aren’t natural. Celeste probably wanted to show the world how she would look like if she put on the lipstick the same way as Kylie but the innocent lady apparently forgot to get a surgery done before she does so!

Celeste Berber recreates Kylie Jenner's photograph


Having a bath in milk isn’t always as great as it looks on Kim Kardashian because she knows how to take a perfect picture while she does it. However, Celeste looks weird and from her expression, it seems like the milk is coming out of her mouth which adds a humorous element to the photograph. We hope that you enjoyed these funny imitations, don’t forget to SHARE them with your friends and family.

Celeste Barber recreates Kim kardashian's photograph