Here’s The Super Healthy Granola Cups With Yogurt And Fruit Recipe You Need In Life

So the next time you are having a brunch party at your house, you need to serve these healthy and delicious granola cups! But now you may think that there were about thousands of time when you had this thought in your mind but couldn’t do so because they were hard to make, well don’t worry now because we have got the easiest recipe for you!

delicious granola cups

All the ingredients for this recipe are just so simple and will be already available in your kitchen! So you need crushed coconut, toasted almonds, and the main ingredient of all is the rolled oat! Even if you are a beginner then believe me that you won’t go wrong, it’s all simple and very easy to make!


Now take the coconut and mix it into the bowl of the oatmeal! Take some honey in small bowl and take half small bowl of apple sauce! Mix the honey and the apple sauce with each other and then add some salt to the mixture! The quantity of salt should be as desired! And now take a little amount of cinnamon and put it into the mixture and stir them well!

making apple sauce

The mixture that you are making will be a magic ingredient as this will help make the oatmeal cups stay in their places and would add flavor to it! Most of the granola bars that we eat usually have honey and cinnamon in it! Honey is just amazing for your health because it has the necessary ingredient that you need to maintain your health and cinnamon will give amazing flavor to the granola cups!

apple sauce in a bowl

Take the sauce that you have made and pour it into the bowl of oatmeal and coconut! And start to mix it well so that all the ingredients are perfectly blended! When you pour the sauce, it will thicken the oatmeal so make sure that you are mixing it well, and there aren’t any leftovers in the bowl which could mess up your perfect granola cups.


Take a cupcake tray which you use to make cupcakes and now put the oatmeal in the tray! Now you will be thinking that where the concept of cups is involved in it and how are they going to be shaped in cups! Well, that is easy as well! Just take a spoon and start to surface the center of each the oatmeal so that they could be formed in a cup!


Once you are done with making the oatmeal into cups, don’t worry about the perfect shape because the cupcake tray will help them form a nice cup shape! Then take the tray and refrigerate it for about one hour because you don’t want you guests to be holding on the granola bars with flakes falling all around, so it is essential that you let the cups be refrigerated for an hour, so they also form the perfect shape!


Now the fun part starts because now you are done with the making and refrigerating part, and now all you have to do is to fill the granola cups with your favorite filling! Of course yogurt and fruit but it completely depends on you that which yogurt flavor you wanna use of the different fruits that you wanna put on the top! It is totally up to you, and you can even modify the granola cups according to your choices if you want to change the filling then go for it!

granola cups

And ~SHABAM~ your amazing and delicious granola cups will be all ready to be served! They are going to make you the most favorite host who just gives delicious surprises to their guests! Granola Cups are easy, and yet they are so amazing! Even the health factor is there in it, so I don’t know what you are waiting for now!

granola cups with yogurt and friut

I’m telling you people when you will bring these granola cups in front of your guests; they will be more or less something like blown off! I’m off to making these for sure, and I think that you should be get going too! Check out the complete video of this healthy and delicious granola cups!