Celebs Who Absolutely Love Wearing Tight Jeans

Celebrities are always after the fashion, and there would be hardly any of them who wouldn’t be following the trends. One of the latest trends these days are tight jeans that give these gorgeous females a chance to flaunt their $exy b*tts and attract other towards them. After all, they spend hours at the gym every day so why wouldn’t they want others to look at how hot their legs look? Today, we have a list of some of these celebrities who are obsessed with wearing tight jeans. Want to know who they are? Keep reading the article.

Woman in tight jeans


Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj surely knows how to carry herself and from what she does to what she says, it’s all in her control. That lady has the capability of shaping people’s opinions about her, and she is not one of those who are insecure about what they lack in. For instance, with a height of 5 feet, you would never see that lady uncomfortable, she would rather enjoy flaunting her big b*tt by wearing tight jeans!

Nicki Minaj in Tight Jeans



There are very few celebrities in the industry as cool as Rihanna and admit it or not; her soulful voice never fails to impress you. Not only is her voice extraordinary but also she looks because only Rihanna knows how to make the media highlight her “good side” which is why you would mostly spot her wearing some fitted jeans paired up with gorgeous tops.

Rihanna in tight jeans


Megan Fox

The words hot, $exy, and beautiful best defines Megan Fox. Some have even labeled her as the most beautiful woman in the world. She has that curvy figure looks with stupendous tight a$$ and beautiful legs so why shouldn’t she showcase her beauty? Wearing skinny jeans is a must when your figure compliments it!

Megan Fox in tight jeans


Kylie Jenner

The only lady that you totally expected to be on this list is Kylie Jenner because in a very short span of time she has learned from her elder sisters how to wear some specific pieces of clothing and grab the attention of the photographers! A tight pair of jeans is one of them, and now that she knows how to seek media attention, the lady is enjoying her fame.

Kylie Jenner in tight jeans


Jennifer Lopez

As soon as a woman hits her 40’s, it gets hard to maintain that flawless look including the gorgeous figure that she once had. And no matter how much she tries, the forties are the point where the belly gets bigger so “mom jeans” are the kind of jeans that you belong to! But seeing Jennifer Lopez as one of the most graceful women, you wouldn’t be able to tell her actual age.

Jennifer Lopez in tight jeans


Selena Gomez

The child stars that you once adored includes Selena Gomez but with time, all of us got impressed by her gorgeous looks that turned her into a beautiful young lady. The $exy looks that she carries has helped her get rid of the “Disney” image and now most of her fans want her to wear a tight pair of jeans with some loosely fitted top like this one because this young lady is beyond pretty!

Selena Gomez in tight jeans


Hillary Duff

The general impression is that divorced women do not have any charm that could attract anyone but when you see Hillary Duff, you know that the lady knows how to handle her life. She is one of the very few stars who haven’t been involved in any scandal so far and just like she is handling her life perfectly, so is she managing her perfect look that is complimented by a skinny pair of jeans, every time she wears one.

Hillary Duff in tight jeans


Kelly Brook

A woman who can make heads turn when she wears tight jeans is Kelly Brook, and you would even doubt her existence because nobody can look as amazing as her. Now that she is among the 100 hottest women ranked by FHM magazine, not for a second will you doubt her elegant looks!

Kelly Brook in tight jeans


The list doesn’t end here. Here’s a video of some more gorgeous women who rock a fitted pair of jeans and you could watch them all day, flaunting their “assets”. Give it a watch and don’t forget to SHARE the article with the people around you.