Biker Stops Traffic To Rescue Tiny Kitten Caught In The Road

Bikers tend to get a bad reputation for being the rough and tough, law-evading kind of folks you don’t want to mess with. However, the following story proves that many times men and women in motorcycle gangs are more like big teddy bears then what you might see on Sons of Anarchy.

As you can see in this incredibly powerful dash cam video of a motorcyclist helping a suicidal woman, bikers often have a lot more compassion than other drivers on the road.

In the following clip, we see this once again when a brave biker was well aware of his surroundings and noticed a tiny kitten in need of help in the middle of a busy intersection. The tiny, terrified animal can barely be seen dodging traffic in the clip below as our hero on motorcycle waves at cars to slow down so he can save the newborn cat.

The woman on the bike then gets off and rescues the little one.

“I’m going to take her,” says the biker. “You’re ok now sweetie,” she says to the tiny kitten. According to Michigan’s FOX 17, she named the kitten Skidmark, and took her in. See Skidmark now, all safe and sound.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the tiny kitten would have caused a bad accident or gotten himself hurt or killed if the brave biker wasn’t around to save the day.

Watch the dramatic rescue unfold in the video below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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