12 Actors Who Admit To Being Aroused During Filming

It’s true that we find the $ex or intimate scenes to be quite arousing, well who doesn’t? The thing is that as much as we enjoy seeing them; you would have a very hard time believing that the people who are performing it (well, some of them) find it amazing too; contrary to what general people believe, and we certainly do not blame them as the stars themselves have created this perception by saying “it was quite difficult to adjust” and blah blah. Let’s have a look to some of those actors who have admitted to be arousing during filming.

Intimate scenes


12. Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling is not only an actor but also a director and a writer. She has been pretty blunt and straight forward with her idea and has never hidden that she doesn’t enjoy making love scenes in her movies and TV series. Although she says that those $ex scenes are “obviously” not real but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it lacks an enjoyment in them. She enjoys making love in front of the camera as much as she loves making it off the screen.

Mindy Kalings


Remember Laura Prepon from the very popular show of hers “70s Show” in which she played the role of Donna? She is nowadays bringing some real good drama under the banner Orange is the new Black in which she is required to shoot $ex scenes with Taylor Schilling and too much of everyone’s surprise, Prepon has admitted that she has enjoyed all of it.

Laura Prepon


The very amazing Zac Efron is also amongst those who have openly admitted of their love for the $ex scenes. He has had a really big crush on Heather Graham and that too from a very tender age. Zac has himself admitted that he was pretty excited when he got to do a love making scene with the girl of her dreams.

Zac Efron


Has it come as a surprise for you? Well, time to get over it because yes, she is also the one who has shown her interest in $ex scenes very public. She does not only take these $ex scenes as enjoyable but thinks that it is a privilege to be involved in it. She says that, if these $ex scenes did not carry any importance whatsoever, why in the world would then the story writers put it?

Yael Stone


She had to make it to our list because she has some great backing after all! One of the biggest reasons why she just loves making love on the sets is that her co partner and the one alongside her is her very own husband Stephen Moyer. It not only adds real emotions but it also does not make anyone feel guilty because after all; she is making love to her partner, right?

Anna Paquin


Would you believe, Natalie Portman happened to be one of the most conservatives of actresses who found herself working in Hollywood. But with time, she too started fleeing in the direction of the wind and started getting along well with $ex scenes as Black Swan and No Strings Attached stands as a good example for that. She herself admitted that doing the intimate scene with Mila Kunis in the movie Black Swan helped her in finding her own likes and dislikes on the bed.

Natalie Portman


We all know Ryan very well after he gave an amazing blockbuster “Deadpool” in which he also found himself under the arms of the very scintillating Morena Baccarin even though she has Blake Lively waiting for him at his home. Despite the fact that she is one of the most beautiful women as her wife, it has not stopped Ryan from making his feelings about the $ex scenes known to people.

Ryan Reynolds


She started off her Hollywood career with The Princess Diaries which was a pretty decent movie but right after that, she went on to take some very bold characters. The one that she portrayed in the movie “Love & Other Drugs” does come under that category because she had some really hot sizzling scenes with Jake Gyllenhaal in that movie. She has stated that at first, she was pretty nervous about doing such a character but found some courage and finally decided to do it.

Anne Hathaway


Jake is amongst those actors in the Hollywood who doesn’t turn down the challenge of taking different roles one after another and he certainly does not back off when a role requires being intimate with his co-star. He certainly took the news flash by storm when he confirmed that he was totally faking of being aroused by Anne Hathaway in their movie Love and Other Drugs.

Jake Gyllenhaal


Julianne Moore is in a position to get an award for having the most experience in doing such kind of steamy scenes. Considering her age, one would think that her love for $ex scenes would have eradicated but that has not been the case. In movies like Boogie Nights or The Kids are Alright or the Body of Evidence, she revealed how much of a fan she is of doing such scenes and how much she enjoys it.

Julianne Moore


Some might say that he is very dedicated to his work and take up $ex scenes to be just scenes and nothing else while others say that he is a person who you would love to have on your side because his sense of humor is just great. The truth is that I have never met Cooper so I can’t comment on that but what I can comment on is that this guy enjoys making love to his co-stars in the movie.

Bradley Cooper


This man will be remembered for years for the performance he has given in the TV series “Desperate Housewives”. Not only did he made Gabrielle Solis fell for her, but he made sure that she would never be able to get over him for at least a time being. His intimate scenes in the series had to be rehearsed at first but after having shot a few, he became that much excited and confident that now, he doesn’t need to do so!

Jesse Metcalfe