11 Embarrassing Celebs Relatives Pics That They’ve Been Hiding From You

Nicki Minaj’s Brother And The 12 Year Old Girl

Who doesn’t know the ‘anaconda’ singer but there could be a higher chance that you don’t know this face which is the brother of the famous singer Nicki Minaj! This guy was arrested back in 2015, and you will be shocked to hear that he was charged with raping a 12-year-old girl! After he went to jail Nicki got him out for $100,000 bail.

nicki minaj bro


The Lohans

Just like some of Lindsay fans could say that they are ashamed of the singer as she has gotten into much bad shape. Likewise, she is ashamed of her father! He always gets busted for doing some illegal and domestic violence! But then during probation, he doesn’t show up in court! He has always mouthed her daughter badly even today he says that she is pregnant!

lindsay lohan father


Daniel Baldwin Runs Naked

Most of you must have heard of this thing when Daniel Baldwin ran naked in a hotel lobby back in 1998! He was constantly running down the halls and was shouting ‘Baldwin’! He was arrested for carrying cocaine with him, and if you search on the Internet you can easily find his mug shots! He has been an actor himself and even directed some films!

alec baldwin father


Mariah Carey’s Adult Escort Sister

Mariah Carrey is simply a superstar, and she has worked hard to get some recognition in the world! But then comes her sister who is an escort and she is an HIV positive! She was arrested when she offered $ex to a police officer in exchange for some money! Mariah and her sister haven’t spoken for years!

mariah carey escort sister


Madonna’s Homeless Brother

Hundreds of sparkles appear in front of the eyes when you hear the word Madonna because that is the perception of this megastar! But her brother is homeless and last time he was found living in a Michigan garage! Madonna and her half-brother Mario think that they have given Anthony his chances and now they have completely disowned him!

madonna homeless brother


Kate Middleton’s Uncle Gary

Now the daughter-in-law of the royal family doesn’t have all the royal members of her family because of her Uncle Gary! He holds a very bad reputation in the family! He has so many tattoos on his body, drinks beer, and does what he says! He has also been a cocaine addict and now has been completely cut off by the family.

will header


The Brother Of The Princess

Well, it can’t be much risky to say that his sister could be the next Queen of England but there have been pictures in which Kate’s brother was shown in very inappropriate behaviors! Pippa was wearing a [email protected], and James was in a French maid outfit. And then when James was sitting on he didn’t have any clothes on!

kate middleton brother


Trump’s Wife Modeling Career

Like Donald Trump isn’t getting much publicity nowadays but this picture of his wife created quite a stir! It has been reported that his wife was working illegally there! It was very common for Melania to take off her clothes for different shoots! And what’s more shocking is that Donald was very cool with all this he didn’t have any objection to it!

trump's wife naked


Prince Harry

You must have looked at the pictures which went viral back in 2012, and it destroyed the image of Prince Harry! The pictures were taken in some penthouse where the prince was b*tt naked and having some fun! It was reported that he lost his clothes in a strip poker game!

prince harry private pictures


Brad Pitt, Angelina And Her Brother

And this one had so many people confused because no one knew what was going on when it was seen that Angelina was lip locked with her brother in Oscars 2002! Brad Pitt did his best to maintain distance, but he failed to do so! And just to make it worse, James is now a nanny to their kids!

angelina jolie


Kate And Pippa Middleton Topless

And last but not the least, these pictures were published in a French magazine where Kate was seen b*tt naked, partying in a villa in France! You can very well understand the situation of Queen Elizabeth after looking at these pictures!

kate and prince william private pictures