11 Celebs That Were Arrested For Shoplifting

You know sometimes it is just so hard for us to get that why in the world do these celebrities do such stupid things! I mean they have the bank accounts and the lives of our dreams but still they do random shit!

Farrah Fawcett

Well, all of a sudden Farrah Fawcett needed to steal some clothes and guys that were not just for once but for twice! She stole from the boutiques that she always used to visit, but she defended her stealing by saying that there are those items she was picking that the store wouldn’t let her return!

farrah fawcett


Kim Richards

The actress has been in so many news where she was fighting battles against some addiction, but after some time she decided that she will shoplift from a California Target store and the items were of hundreds of dollars! She didn’t have any money so she thought she would just walk by and get all the stuff that she wants!

kim richards


Megan Fox

Megan Fox is eyes-closed one of the most beautiful woman to ever walk on earth! But do you know what she is not allowed to go to WalMart stores! Not because of her high protocol but she has been stealing a lot of makeup when she was a teen! She was working at that time too, but it was just a bad habit!

megan fox


Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila is a very known personality, and we have seen her in reality show, or different websites! She has been very successful, but even then she wanted to cut out some budget while she was out shopping! She was shopping at a local CVS but then she got caught for stealing stuff! She stole some junk food items!

tila tequila


Lindsay Lohan

We can say that Lohan is the troubled child of the Hollywood industry! She has gone through a lot of problems and let me tell you that it also includes stealing! You won’t believe it, but she stole a necklace which is of worth $2500 from a Southern California store! She doesn’t spend her money in good places for sure!

lindsay lohan


Courtney Love

Courtney will tell you that it is not enough if you are rich and popular when you want a KI$$ shirt! The singer is worth millions but still she went and stole a $20 KI$$ shirt! It is just silly to do such stuff when someone holds a good reputation in the society.

courteney love


Winona Ryder

Talk about big time, and then Winona Ryder name will appear from nowhere! She is the most talked celebrity thief after she has done a big job! She was there in the Beverly Hills Sakes Fifth Avenue and then something stuck in her mind and she stole designer clothes worth of $5000! She was caught there and then, and also arrested! She said that she wasn’t in her mind when that happened!

wionna ryder


Amanda Bynes

These celebrities have made some questionable decisions in their life that now they have to pay for it! She went in the Barney’s in New York and from there she stole a hat of worth $200! She was caught by the store security and then you can imagine what the hell of a scene that must have made there! She hasn’t got out from the bad reputation since!

manda bynes


Britney Spears

How can you even think that this list would be completed without Britney Spears? You all know that she lost it a little bit back in 2007 right? Well, she stole a wig from a mannequin in an adult store where the store manager refused her to try on some panties and then she went to the gas station and stole a lighter commenting that she’s very bad!

britney spears


Bai Ling

She did some awesome role in Chinese television shows! But she was caught shoplifting from Los Angeles airport where she stole some magazine and batteries! It was all worth of $15 and now don’t tell me she doesn’t have that much!

bai ling


Shelly Morrison

Now can you imagine if someone this much senior would do anything like this! But she did, and she was caught stealing costume jewelry from a Robinsons-May department store back in 2003! It has earned her bad reputation!

shelly morisson