10 Most Expensive Celebrity Child Support Payments

Fame and wealth come at a hefty cost, and you have to pay that price now and then. Whether it’s a lavish lifestyle that is a necessity if you are a celebrity or your legal issues, you will have to spend a hefty amount of money. One of the very common legal issues is the child support payments because divorces are not a big deal and being a parent, it is a responsibility of these celebrities to support their children. However, the interesting fact is that they pay way more than an average parent does. Want to have a look at a few of the cases? Keep reading.

Child support


In the world of today, supporting one child is costly enough, but Charlie Sheen is the guy who doesn’t pay for his kids to one ex-wife but two. The amount he pays to his ex-wife, Denise Richards per month is $55,000 for their two daughters which obviously isn’t a small amount but wait till we tell you that Charlie pays the same amount to his other ex-wife Brooke Mueller for the twin boys.

Charlie Sheen and his ex-wives


The superstar from the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger paid the actual price of being a celebrity when the court ordered him to pay $25,000 a month to his ex-wife and the supermodel, Luciana Morad. If you want to avoid the entire process of the divorce filing, then you ought to try filing divorce online to get rid of the professional divorce lawyers and hefty court fees.

Mick Jagger and Luciana Morad


The ex-football player Michael Strahan probably should continue with his talk-show host job because if he doesn’t, he might get into a financial strain. During the divorce proceedings, not only was Michael ordered by the court to pay about $15 million to his ex-wife but also he was told to pay her an amount of $18,000 per month as a child support payment for his two kids.

Michael Strahan with his kids


It looks like, in some cases, women are in trouble too such as Britney Spears who is paying $20,000 to her ex-husband Kevin Federline to support her two sons. The worst part is that the renowned celebrity also paid the cost of Kevin’s lawyer and divorce fees which was about $250,000.

Britney Spears with her kids


The weirdest of all the cases on this list is that of Kirk Kerkorian, the billionaire casino mogul who has been paying $100,000 per month, to his ex-wife, Lisa Bonder in child support. The tragedy is that Lisa came up with a fake DNA report that showed that the father of the child is Kirk whereas it is not true. But what is equally worse is that the couple had just been married for 28 days which makes it clear that why the lady married Kirk.

Kirk Kerkorian


In 2009, the singer, Nas left his ex-wife Kelis when she was seven months pregnant which is admittedly unfair not only to the woman but also to the poor child who wasn’t even born then. So, the rapper was ordered to pay $40,000 a month to Kelis which wasn’t only for the child support but also the spousal support.

Kelis and Nas


Henri-Pinault, who is currently married to the actress, Salma Hayek has also paid an enormous amount of his friendship with the model Linda Evangelista. After breaking up with her, he found out that she was pregnant and since then the billionaire is paying the amount of $46,000 a month to Linda for the maintenance of the child.

Henri-Pinault and his ex-girlfriend


Some of you would remember the Russel Simmons and Kimora Lee Simmons materiality show because that was incredible and we adored the couple but in 2009, they ended their relationship which is still costing Russel a high price. The man pays $20,000 which isn’t the total amount since that is for one child only, the actual amount that he pays every month is $40,000.

Russell Simmons with his kids


The breakup of Eddie Murphy with the Spice Girl member, Mel B came at an enormous price. When he left the lady, she was five months pregnant, and so the court ordered Murphy to pay her $59,950 as a child support!

Edde Murphy with his kids


The popular candidate for the presidential elections didn’t stay behind either. Donald Trump pays almost $1 million in the spousal and child support for two women. The ex-wife, Marla Maples get a sum of $300,000 a year while Ivana receives $650,000. Don’t forget to SHARE the article with the people around you!

Donald Trump with his ex-wife